Black and white historic image of young men in rugby uniforms Although Westbrook College has always been located in the same geographic place, 它所在的社区多年来一直是三个不同城市的一部分:威斯布鲁克(1831-1870), Deering (1871-1898), and Portland (1899-present). The college itself has had five name changes - Westbrook Seminary, Westbrook Junior College, Westbrook College, the Westbrook College Campus of the University of New England, and the Portland Campus of the University of New England.

Westbrook Seminary

Westbrook Seminary, a co-ed boarding school that existed for 91 years, had its beginnings in September, 1830, 当时肯纳贝克普世主义者协会决定在威斯布鲁克的史蒂文平原建立一所提倡“虔诚和道德”的学校. The Universalists, 他们相信所有人都能得救,与加尔文主义者相信神选中的人能得救不同, 希望他们的年轻人有一个不与他们的宗教信仰冲突或反驳的教育环境.

 The charter for Westbrook Seminary was signed by Governor Daniel Smith, March 4, 1831. 校园最初的八英亩是扎卡里亚·史蒂文斯(Zachariah Stevens)和奥利弗·巴克利(Oliver Buckley)送给协会的礼物(史蒂文平原和现在的史蒂文斯大道都是以他的名字命名的). Three years passed before the first class was held on June 9, 1834 in the newly constructed Seminary Building, which is now called Alumni Hall.

“普通英语学习”的学费是3美元,“语言和数学分支”的学费是4.5美元." Male and female students, who were "admitted to equal privileges," boarded in neighboring homes for a dollar and a quarter a week. For comparison purposes, it is interesting to note that Lowell mill workers, many of whom were the same age as the seminary students, earned $1.60 a week, which was considered a good wage.

尽管它是由普遍主义者建立的,它的第一个原则是史蒂文的平原普遍主义者, Westbrook Seminary did not teach any sectarian doctrine. However, students were required to attend daily devotional exercises and services. After All Soul's (Ludcke) was built, 没有父母书面许可的学生必须参加另一个教堂的仪式. This regulation continued until 1930s.

Strict rules governed the students' behavior in and out of class. 一份19世纪晚期的目录中写道,神学院“不适合那些无所事事的人”, wayward, or averse to study." In 1886, 女学生们告诉神学院校长,在一个星期内,她们将无视所有她们认为限制太大的规定. 他们忽视的一条规则是,如果他们走到莫里尔角,必须有人陪同或陪同.

By the 1890s, 神学院提供四门课程:三年的英语课程和四年的科学课程, ladies' classical, and preparatory. 完成女子古典或科学课程的年轻女性会获得文科或理科学士学位, degrees that seemed to be unique to Westbrook. In the last part of the 19th century, 神学院在校友大厅里增加了化学和物理实验室,并促进了人们对体育运动的浓厚兴趣,从而在1900年建立了麦克阿瑟体育馆.

The Junior College

In 1941, Westbrook Junior College women enjoyed equestrianism.

When Clarence Quimby became Seminary president in 1914, 他试图说服理事和教职员工,他们应该专注于女子两年制大学教育. Unable implement his plan, he left in 1920. Within five years, however, 男女混合教育的成本和来自其他预科学校的竞争,说服了受托人授权神学院增加两年的女子大学课程. The last co-ed seminary class graduated in the spring of 1925.

Gradually, the junior college added courses of study to its curriculum. By 1936, three years after it dropped its preparatory program, the institution had 11 programs, 其中有7所大学为年轻女性大三转入四年制学院或大学做好了准备. 威斯布鲁克专科学院以就业为导向的两年制课程的招生人数从1933年的27人增加到1947年的370人.

 Because Goddard and Hersey could not house all the students, 专科学院在学院街(college Street)和史蒂文斯大道(Stevens Avenue)为高年级学生购买了大楼,高年级学生由住在这些类似家庭的小公寓里的舍监或教职员工监督. Several of these houses also contained classrooms.

During 1960s, the junior college, with the assistance of major grants and federal money, constructed six buildings - Linnell, Ginn, MacDougal, Alexander, Blewett, and Coleman. Despite their size, the dormitories were easier and less costly to maintain than the numerous smaller houses. They also permitted more regulated supervision of the resident students.

The 1970s

During the seventies, the Art Gallery was the only new building on the campus. The campus itself, however, 当学院用史蒂文斯大道(Stevens Avenue)上的财产换取25英亩的树林和田地时,学校的规模扩大了.

Two major academic changes occurred in the 70s. 展望未来,受托人合法地将学校的名字改为威斯布鲁克学院. 联邦立法规定,不能向实行性别歧视的大学提供联邦资金,因此威斯布鲁克学院恢复了男女同校.

The first Westbrook College male students enrolled in the 1973 fall semester. In the 1980s and early 1990s the College continued to build upon the 1970s decisions. 威斯布鲁克坚定地承诺在四年的课程中把文科和职业教育结合起来. The new Josephine S. Abplanalp '45 Library opened in 1986, contributing to the College's academic strength, while the new Beverly Burpee Finley '44 Recreation Center was completed in 1989, providing sports and leisure opportunities.

A Larger, More Diverse Institution

Despite new programs and buildings, 在20世纪80年代末和90年代初,该学院发现自己陷入了全国性的招生趋势中,这一趋势对小型大学的打击尤为严重. 到20世纪90年代中期,大学理事会开始考虑其他可能的合并机构.

In July 31, 1996, Westbrook College and the University of New England in Biddeford merged, creating a larger, more diverse institution of higher learning. The merger took place under the original 1831 Westbrook College charter. When the documents were signed, the combined institutions became Westbrook College, and Westbrook College changed its name to the University of New England.

Interprofessional Health Sciences Education

Today the Westbrook College Campus, now known as the Portland Campus, is home to two of the University’s premier Colleges.

最近更名的威斯布鲁克卫生职业学院是跨学科卫生和健康的典范. With more than 1,000 students, faculty, and professional staff working in graduate programs in Social Work, Physician Assistant, Pharmacy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Nurse Anesthesia and with undergraduate students in Nursing and Dental Hygiene, the WCHP honors the academic legacy of Westbrook College.

In the fall of 2013, 纽恩大学牙科医学院在波特兰校区迎来了第一批牙科学生,揭幕了最先进的口腔健康中心. As Maine's only dental school, the College of Dental Medicine is meeting the need in Maine, and across New England, for dental care providers.

WCHP is also home to the Interprofessional Simulation and Innovation Center, 哪家医院采用了与计算机程序实时集成的高科技病人模拟器,使这些“病人”能够对学生的行为作出实际反应,甚至可以围绕他们的治疗进行“讨论”. The Interprofessional Simulation and Innovation Center is also training health professionals from the region's health care institutions as well.

Additionally, the Portland Campus boasts three important Portland cultural institutions: UNE's Center for Global Humanities brings to campus some of the leading thinkers of our time to engage with UNE students and members of the surrounding community; the Maine Women Writers Collection, a pre-eminent special collection of literary, cultural, and social history sources by and about Maine women, was designated a national Literary Landmark and continues to host local women's studies programs and national conferences; and the Art Gallery, which reopened in April 1998, 提供一系列正在进行的艺术和摄影展览,并设有一个杰出的永久收藏.

To learn more, view the Westbrook College History Collection at UNE Library Services.

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